NOTE: There are TWO versions of this game!
If the "A" Codes don't work on your copy, then try the "B" Codes!

 No.  "A" Code  "B" Code  Effect
   2  BBJA-AAD0  BBJT-AAAA  Start with maximum power
   3  AKJA-AAD0  AKJT-AAAA  Start with less power
   4  BBEA-AABW  BBEA-AAEG  Start with maximum power after you lose a life
   5  AKEA-AABW    AKEA-AAEG  Start with less power after you lose a life
   6  AKSA-AA24  AKSA-AA9J  Almost infinite power (last boss can still hurt you)  
   7  AFJA-AABG  AFJA-AAFN  Start with 1 life
   8  AZJA-AABG  AZJA-AAFN  Start with 5 lives
   9  BBJA-AABG  BBJA-AAFN  Start with 8 lives
 10  BKJA-AABG  BKJA-AAFN  Start with 10 lives
 11  DFJA-AABG  DFJA-AAFN  Start with 25 lives
 12  GKJA-AABG  GKJA-AAFN  Start with 50 lives
 13  NPJA-AABG  NPJA-AAFN  Start with 99 lives
 14  AVEA-AA28  AVEA-AA5W    Infinite lives
 15  AKJT-AA2J  AKJT-AA6W  Infinite popcorn on popcorn pick-up