PC-Engine/Super Grafx
- Cheat Codes -
Aero Blaster Lives FF3BD1-09   P1 Anything up to 9
After Burner II FF30B3-03   Infinite Lives up to 3
FF30B4-09   Infinite Missiles up to 9

Air Zonk

FF20B2-09   Infinite Lives
Alien Crush Balls FF2046-09   Infinite Balls
Ankoko Densetsul FF310E-06   Energy up to 6
FF3112-09   Magic Weapon up to 9
Atomic Robokid Special FF2211-0X   Infinite Lives X=3 up to 99
FF2F9D-0E   Infinite Energy
Barunba FF2682-05   Infinite Lives
Batman FF33A7-3C   Time (Seconds) whatever up to 60
FF33AB-0X   Items to Collect X Set to 1 and pick up item to finish level
Beballaka Chew Man Fu FF2912-09   Infinite Lives
FF290E-15   Diamonds set to whatever you want up to 21
Blazing Lasers FF237D-03   Infinite Lives
FF2381-03   Infinite Smart Bombs
Bloody Wolf FF2505-06 * Infinite Energy
FF251A-62   Infinite Grenades
Bomberman FF2438-09   Infinite Lives
FF2D8E-3D   Infinite Times (Seconds)
Bomberman93 FF389F-09   Infinite Lives
FF20B6-3D   Infinite Times (Seconds)
Bomberman94 FF3704-09   Infinite Lives
FF3B8B-3D   Infinite Times (Seconds)
FF3BA3-09   Infinite Bombs
Bonk 3
(Bonk's Big Adventure)
FF2B8F-10 * Infinite Energy
Bonze Adventure
FF3159-05   Infinite Lives
Cadash FF3BFC-0X   X Hit Points up to characters max
Chase HQ (J) FF2053-14   Time Left
Chew Man Fu FF2912-62   Infinite Lives
FF290E-15   Infinite Diamonds
China Warrior FF2BC3-05   Infinite Energy
City Hunter FF2B9C-10   Infinite Power
FF3E23-09   Infinite Lives
FF3AFF-09   Infinite Lives (9)
FF3B0C-0X   Items to collect X Set to as low as you want
FF3AF8-2D   Infinite Time (Seconds)
Crazy Jappy_Platformer
FF2028-10   Infinite Energy (16)
Dead Moon FF2021-09   Infinite Lives
FF2022-09   Infinite Bombs
Detana Twinbee FF2087-09   Infinite Lives
Die Hard FF3658-xx   Weapon Ammo (Replace - FF = 255)
Download FF25FA-62   Infinite Weapon Ammo s
Dragon Spirit FF2043-09   Infinite Lives
Drop Off FF2CC1-03   Infinite Lives
Fantasy Zone FF200C-07   Infinite Lives
Final Blaster FF2B5F-09   Infinite Lives
Final Soldier FF20FC-09   Infinite Lives
Galaga 90 FF20C4-09   Infinite Lives
Ghost Manor FF3941-03   Infinite Lives
FF3924-0F   Infinite Bullets
Gradius FF2085-09   Infinite Lives
Gunhed FF237D-63   Infinite Lives
FF2381-63   Infinite Smart Bombs
Hani On The Road FF3E08-63   Infinite Lives
Heavy Unit FF2008-09   Infinite Lives
Hyperdyne Sidearms FF206C-63   Infinite Lives
Impossamole FF2022-63   Infinite Lives
King of Casino FF2A80-63   Infinite Money
Legend of Hero Tonma FF349C-09   Infinite Lives
Legendary Axe 2 FF310E-09   Infinite Energy
Metal Stoker FF2612-04   Infinite Energy
Mr Heli FF3004-0A   Infinite Energy
New Zealand Story FF202C-09   Infinite Lives
Ninja Gaiden FF2EAF-63   Infinite Lives
Ninja Spirit FF37C9-09   Infinite Energy
Neutopia. FF3535-08   Infinite Bombs
Neutopia 2 FF3E35-0F   Infinite Gold
FF3E56-08   Infinite Bombs
Ordyne FF2051-03   Infinite Lives
Photograph Boy FF2062-XX   Just poke it to required amount XX
Psycho Chaser FF2041-09   Infinite Lives
Psychosis FF334C-09   Infinite Lives
R-Type Complete FF2142-03   Infinite Lives
Rabio Lepus Specia FF2187-09   Infinite Lives
FF2185-03   Infinite Shield
FF2189-09   Infinite Missiles
Raiden FF3461-09   Infinite Lives
FF34C5-09   Infinite Bombs
Rock On FF2685-09   Infinite Lives
S.C.I FF2998-09   Turbo
Sidearms (Magea Chip) FF206C-09   Infinite Lives
Silent Debuggers FF221D-xx   Infinite 2nd Weapon xx(00-FF)
Soldier Blade FF36AA-09   Infinite Lives
Somer Assault FF3111-03   Infinite Energy
Splatterhouse FF2A4D-05   Infinite Energy
FF2A52-08   Shotgun Ammo But only seems to work when you first get the gun.
Super Star Soldier FF206F-03   Infinite Lives
Tatsujin FF2054-03   Infinite Lives
FF2056-03   Infinite Bombs
Teriseiryu St Dragon FF32CC-03   Infinite Lives
Terra Cresta II FF3289-03   Infinite Lives
Thunderblade FF2038-03   Infinite Lives
Tiger Shark FF22A4-03   Infinite Lives
FF2A21-03   Infinite Support Firepower
Time Cruise FF2630-03   Infinite Balls
Timeball FF362C-1E   Infinite Time
Toilet Kids FF208F-03   Infinite Lives
Tora E no Michi FF20D9-10   Infinite Energy
FF2CF7-03   Infinite Lives
Turrican FF2C50-63   Infinite Lives
FF2C5C-63   Infinite Crystals
FF2C58-2D   Unlimited Time
Valkyrie no Densetsu FF20BF-08   Infinite Energy
FF20C5-63   Infinite Gold

Note 0 - Lines with no code are codes which are currently unknown

Note 1 - Codes with a "+" must be combined with the following Code(s) in order to work
Note 2 - If a "*" appears after a code, the code must be turned off either to resume the timer or progress to the next level
Note 3 - For most "Level Select / Start on Level" codes, the code must be turned off to progress to the next level
Note 4 - Conflicting codes should not be used simultaneously (i.e. Start on Level 1 & Start on Level 2)
Note 5 - If a "?" appears after a code, the code may be faulty
Note 6 - "AAAAAA-DD" A is Address , D is Data