GBA AfterBurner Dimmer Chip

Product Description
Is a replacement for the dimmer pot that comes with the Afterburner lighting kit for the Game Boy Advance. It allows you to use the buttons that are on the GBA itself to control the brightness of the Afterburner light. The chip is completely hidden inside the GBA, allowing for a completely stealthy lighting & dimming installation.


12 level Dimmer : If hold down the SELECT button and than press A button , the screen will turn to bright. If  hold down the SELECT button and than press B button the screen will turn to dim.

Auto-Sleep: If A, B or select button are not pressed after 3 mins, the chip will go to sleep mode and turn off the light to save the battery power, When pressed the A, B or SELECT button again , the chip will wake up.

Instant Off :If hold down B button and than press SELECT button, the chip will go to sleep mode and turn off the light, until press  SELECT button again, the chip will wake up.

Memory: The chip will remember your current dimmer and lock settings if you turn the Game Boy off or even if you remove the batteries.

Auto Diagnostics: Helps with installation and troubleshooting by blinking error-codes on the Afterburner whenever a connection problem is detected. If you turn on the Gameboy you receive an error code, then either a button is shorted or the wire is not connected properly. corresponding code will be displayed on the Afterburner .

1 Flash = A button shorted , not connect or held down
2 Flashes = B button shorted, not connect or held down
3 Flashes = Select button shorted, not connect or held down