Dream Writer for PCE

Dream Writer for PCE 95/98/Me/XP/2000 version 1.0 ( 4.9M )

It have 4 major function parts on this application program:-

Program Feature

Button Function

  Write Card button: Program Single/Multi Games to Flash area.

  Backup Card button: Backup Flash Card Data from Flash area to PC.

Setup button: If choose this button, the configuration window will opened,
   you can change program setting.
include :
             - Multi-game Header File path,
               * You could chose PCEBOOT.PCE file for run on Master System console.
             - ROMS directory path
             - Printer/Parallel Ports I/O

  Exit button: Exit this application program.

  Add GAME button: This button use to Add one Game/Program item to list wait for program.

  Delete GAME item button: delete Selected item from the list.

  Delete All button : delete All item from the list.

Create a single game item

1) Choose One game item on left table window.
2) Click Add GAME button, the Right List show about its detail.
3) If you want to use normal speed write card,  you may turn off the button  at bottom name call Program turbo mode.
4) If you want disable verify function, you mat turn off the button at bottom name call Verify after program.
5) Click Write Card button and write game to flash card.

Create a Multi-games item

1) Choose a game on left table window.
2) Click Add Game button Or Double Click the game item on left table window, the right List window will show about its detail.
3) Repeat step 1 & 2 ,if want to add more games. Please make sure enough free space on card. show below

4) When click game details items on right list window, the Option dialog box will show this game additional indication. show below

5)Here is 3 main function:


6) After complete all items setting, Click Write Card button and write game to flash card.

7) Write Card complete.

Backup Data from Flash Card

 1) First, choose a new file name to save.
 2) select Flash area show below, and click OK to begin process.