Mega Disk (Interceptor) (8M) (Can run SMS game on Genesis)


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Mega Disk with lastest bios (included mega dos 4.9b)

It can backup your cartridge to floppys, then can load floppys to play game. This Copier only have 8M dram, no sram. So, you can't save game when play RPG game.

Take care, it use non-standard dos format. And support .SMD file only.
If your file is .BIN, then use Supconv.exe to convert it.
Type C:supconv bs rambo3.bin rambo3.smd

If you want to play SMS game on Genesis, you need to convert rom file.
Type alexkid.sms alexkid.smd

How to copy rom file to floppy : (tested by Tomy)
1) Format a floppy disk in DOS/Windows (normal format is ok)
2) Convert your Genesis/SMS .bin file to .smd format
3) Copy your .smd file to floppy with imc.exe
Type C:imc.exe rambo3.smd a:

After you use imc.exe to copy .smd to floppy, your floppy format will be non-standard. Your PC can't read file from that floppy. You need to format again under Dos/Windows to re-use this floppy. and imc.exe can not run on XP. So, you need DOS/Win9x/WinME to run it

If your Mega Disk fail to read disk (read error), press any direction button will reload again, e.g. "UP" button

After loaded game, it should run game automatic, if it don't run, press button "B' + "C". Then it will run

Mega Disk Utility Tool Download
Mega Disk Play Master System Game on Genesis Video

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