MD Pro 32M Flash Cart

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  • High quality product. 
  • Professional development kit never seen before
  • Multi Region support (USA/JPN/EUR),  ***Not support for 32X
  • NTSC/PAL console support
  • Multi games support up to 31 games. ***Both normal and 32X game
  • M68000 address/data pair code, Genie code, unlimited lives, full power/option support
  • SH2 address/data pair code, Genie code, unlimited lives, full power/option support
  • Cheat code for both single game and multi games. Each game can enable and disable from the software
  • Sram support 4 different games with 256K save
  • Battery backup sram, can be read back to computer file
  • Support different format rom file, *.SMD, *.BIN, MGD2 format
  • PCB fit original Genesis/MegaDrive 16Bits cartridge, easy to modify original cartridge case to fit it.
  • No power supply needed, use USB port to get power. *** You must sure your USB port output is 5V, If not, will damage the card
  • EPP printer port supported. Don't use SPP/ECP port
  • Using the cable same as GB Xchanger to connect to computer,***Need both parallel cable + USB A to B cable
  • Linker Software (Dream Writer for genesis) support 95/98/Me/XP/2000

    Detail Here
    Download software v1.6
    Download software v2.1 EXE

    Install software v1.6 first, then use v2.1 exe instead old v1.6 exe.

    You need both parallel cable (switch box extension cable) + USB type A to B cable to flash the cart. And need to setup from bios for EPP printer port mode. From the software part, you need to click "setup" to set correct EPP printer port address. It must be same one as bios setup.

    You need to test the cart first before flash the cart when you received your cart.
    (Inside have games for testing)

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