Doctor SF7 NTSC/PAL (Used) (Bios v7.11 Latest)

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You can play your games, through the unit's built in 3.5" disk drive. Its unique feature is that it is able to have multiple games loaded simultaneously into its memory, which stay there even with SNES power off! No need to load floppies over and over again! It also has an onscreen menu system which is controlled through the SNES controllers. The menu system features self testing (Memory, BRAM, ROM, and disk drive), file management, etc. It has many features including slow motion, real time save, Gold Finger cheat code system and superior error handling. It can transfer games from disks, computer, CDROM (optional), or memory. Menus in English, Chinese, or Japanese, 256k BRAM saves, BRAM copying to and from a cartridge, DSP support (need DSP adaptor), and a PCX image slideshow function. To change from SF7 to Professor (and back again) toggle jumper 3 (S3) on the mainboard.

Please notice that SF7 need 9V DC Power supply. (Not included)
(You can use Genesis/SFC/PCE power supply)
Power supply plug, outside is + (positive). And please use good floppy disk for it.

People report that Europe SNES/SFC power supply can not use on copier.
Because it is AC not DC. You must need DC power supply for Doctor SF7.

If you use old/dirty floppy disk, then it will damage SF7 floppy drive.
Turn on your snes with joypad "R" button pressed. Then you can selftest it.

SF7 manual is here :

When you power on your SF7, if no screen, press reset it will have screen.

SF7 Default language setting is English + Chinese.
If you need Full English setting, you can write it down in comments from your order. Then we will help to change your SF7 to Professor SF2 (both are same, only language setting is different). Or you can do it by yourself later (check below link).

Bung's Game Doctor SF7 / Professor SF2
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