Super Flash Cart 64M for NTSC/PAL SNES

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This package included Super Flash Cart 64M + Programmer + Used Cart Case (Old/Dirty, modify for all sfc/snes)

Programmer slot use modify master system slot. So, when your programmer can not detect your super flash cart, you need to unplug/plug again your super flash cart. Then you should detect it again. (You need to lean on the right side of Programmer or T-Connector. Check picture below)

And please use normal cartridge (action game without save)  to plug in T-Connector or Programmer. Game like Star Fox have extra pins, So it can not fit to plug in T-Connector or Programmer.(because slot use master syetem modify slot)  If not, T-Connector or Programmer slot will be damge.

The old Super Flash Cart Page

Super Flash card

  • High quality product
  • Multi Region support (USA/JPN/EUR)
  • NTSC/PAL console support
  • Multi game selection 32M super flash card (up to 2)  or 64M super flash card (up to 4) .
  • 48M big game size support on 64M super flash card.
  • Sram support different games save size.   *** support one sram saver
  • Battery backup sram, can be read back to computer file
  • Support different rom file format. eg *.048, *.smc, etc.
  • PCB fit original SNES cartridge

Super Flash Programmer

  • Backup cartridge saver (support snes emulator format).
  • Upload  saver to cartridge
  • Upload/Backup 32M/64M Flash Card Saver.
  • Upload Flash card.
  • No power supply needed, use USB port to get power. *** You must sure your USB port output is 5V, If not, will damage the card
  • Need EPP printer port to flash the cart.
  • Using the cable same as GB Xchanger to connect to computer,***Need both parallel cable + USB A to B cable
  • Linker Software support 95/98/Me/XP/2000 

You need following to flash the cart :
1) Parallel Cable
2) USB Cable
3) EPP Port (Setup from Bios)
4) Cart Case (Optional)

You need T-Connector + DSP1 orignal game (without save) to run DSP1 game.

Super Flash Cart run on Both NTSC and Pal SNES
When first run Super Flash Cart, if no screen, press reset.
(It will then save ntsc/pal status. Then if you run it to other region snes, you need to press reset again.)

* When you plug Super Flash Cart in/out the programmer, you should turn of the power of the programmer first.

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