FDSStick Changelog

2016-09-26 Fix loading bug for older RAM adapters.
2016-07-29 Add 256M flash support. Support larger Game Doctor games. Save last game selection.
2016-05-17 Bugfix - some Game Doctor games were being written incorrectly.
2016-05-15 Add ability to read/write raw disk images.
2016-05-01 Improved disk reading reliability (for newer boards).
2016-03-27 Speed up flash operations. Added full support for Game Doctor disk format.
2016-02-20 Miscellaneous fixes, code cleanup.
2016-02-14 Fixed compatibility with Tototek 3206 write mod chip. Made disk reading and writing more reliable.
2016-02-01 Added PC emulation mode (run games directly from PC).
2016-01-01 Bugfix - games were sometimes written incorrectly.
2015-12-20 Support large flash.
2015-12-07 Boot menu added.
2015-10-11 Initial release.