No.  Code  Effect
   2  AKFT-AA4Y  Infinite lives
   3  RFFA-A60N  Batman floats when he dies!
   4  AKYA-AA9G  Infinite Batarangs
   5  RYFA-C6VR  Guns don't hurt
   6  AKYT-AA5L  Infinite rockets for the Batwing
   7  B2AT-CA46  Punches, knives and guns don't hurt
   8  AKYT-AA7R  Infinite rockets for the Batmobile
   9  HEET-BJX2  Start on Axis Chemical Plant level
 10  HEET-BNX2  Start on Flugelheim Museum level
 11  HEET-BTX2  Start battle with Bob the Goon
 12  HEET-BYX2  Start with graphic before Gotham City Streets
 13  HEET-B2X2  Start on Gotham City Streets level
 14  HEET-B6X2  Start battle with mimes
 15  HEET-BAX2  Start battle with Gotham City Streets boss
 16  9TET-BGD2+BEET-AAD4+96ET-
 Start on Sky over Gotham level
 17  9TET-BGD2+BJET-AAD4+96ET-
 Start on Gotham Cathedral level
 18  9TET-BGD2+BNET-AAD4+96ET-
 Start on Gotham Cathedral level spikes
 19  9TET-BGD2 +BTET-AAD4 + 96ET-
 Meet the Joker
 20  HEGA-BJVG  Skip through levels
 21  HEGA-BTVG  Skip through levels faster
Code 22 will make Batman invincible after he is hit once. Then he'll turn invisible.
Normal game play is possible, but watch out for jumps.
To make Batman visible, momentarily turn off effects and Batman may appear. If not, try again.
 22  AKEA-AA4J  Invincible and invisible!