Tototek news update :  2-JUN-2020

It is because of COVID-19 problem, most country only have Surface Mail. Some country have EMS Speedpost and Airmail now. Surface mail shipping will be slow (by sea) (1-2 months normally).

Added SFC/SNES Controller to Amiga CD32 IC Chip
Added Amiga CD32 jopad - modded from SFC pad
Added PCE/TG16 AV/RGB Booster
Added MD2/Genesis2 RGB Cable

Added NES Slot with ear 2.50mm pitch 72pins

SDRAM XS for MiSTer FPGA Board

Added PS3 Precision Controller Wireless

8 Wires FDS 3206 Add-On Chip Mini

Added *new* Neo Geo Joystick

Tototek only support PayPal payment now

new GB/GBC/GBA and Game Gear Slot

Added new Famicom/Genesis/SNES Slot

 SD2SNES ver.F to ver.H Mod Board

 Turbo PC-Henshin Region Converter for PCE/TG16

Added PC Engine/Turbo Grafx-16 Slot