Tototek news update :  10-FEB-2021

Tototek Chinese New Year holiday until 16-FEB-2021.

Good news, Airmail shipping for
United Kingdom, France, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Estonia, India and the Philippines.

At the moment, free shipping items will ship via Surface Mail if no airmail available.

It is because of COVID-19 problem, some country only have Surface Mail. Some country have EMS Speedpost and Airmail now. Surface mail shipping will be slow (by sea) (1.5-3 months normally).

Added SFC/SNES Controller to Amiga CD32 IC Chip
Added Amiga CD32 jopad - modded from SFC pad
Added PCE/TG16 AV/RGB Booster
Added MD2/Genesis2 RGB Cable

Added NES Slot with ear 2.50mm pitch 72pins

SDRAM XS for MiSTer FPGA Board

Added PS3 Precision Controller Wireless

8 Wires FDS 3206 Add-On Chip Mini

Added *new* Neo Geo Joystick

Tototek only support PayPal payment now

new GB/GBC/GBA and Game Gear Slot

Added new Famicom/Genesis/SNES Slot

 SD2SNES ver.F to ver.H Mod Board

 Turbo PC-Henshin Region Converter for PCE/TG16

Added PC Engine/Turbo Grafx-16 Slot