FreeLoader (Play import for PAL Game Cube)


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Before you read below, be sure your Game Cube is PAL version :

FreeLoader is a disc that allows GameCube users to play out of region games on your GameCube. Usually games and game systems are specified to certain regions depending on the country location. FreeLoader opens up the region for all games to be played. Read on to learn how to use the GameCube FreeLoader.
  1. Load the disc into the GameCube sys20tem, close the door and turn on the system, just as you would do with any other GameCube game. Be sure the TV is on and set to the correct station.
  2. Wait for FreeLoader to load, doesn't take too long, then follow the on screen directions and then swap the disc with the out of region game when the directions tell you to.
  3. Insert the FreeLoader disc anytime you want to play an out of region game. Users must do this when they turn the system off, or change out of region games.
  4. Save out of region games on a separate and marked memory card so that you don't lose any of your other games. Many times the out of region games have their directions and on screen prompts in a different language, and if you don't know that language you could overwrite data and may not know it. This way you will have more room on your memory cards and limit the chances of this happening.
  5. Switch discs with ease on multi-disc games without having to reboot with FreeLoader. You may switch between discs as long as the second disc is also stand alone, such as Resident Evil.

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