PC Engine / TurboGrafx 16 RGB/AV Booster


PC Engine AV Booster / RGBS / Composite RCA output

This is AV/RGBS Booster for PC Engine, PC Engine Core Grafx , Core Grafx II , Super Grafx and TurboGrafx 16 consoles


1: Composite Video / RCA

2: RGBS ( *Note: Not component video but RGBS, eg, most of the Sony PVM use RGBS - S mean Sync )

3: You can also use Mega Drive 2 / Genesis 2 Cable to output Composite Video/RCA  or  RGBS

**New Feature ( For RGBS only - not apply for composite video ) ** 

This booster now has a new switch which allows you to toggle if enable the 75ohm resistors inside the booster.

For example, if your SCART / RCA RGBS cable consist 75 ohm resistors inside the cable itself. You should

switch the setting to MD2 ( which
 disable the resistors in the booster ).  On the other hand, if your cable does *not* consist 75ohm resistors. You should switch the setting to RCA This switch applies on both MD2 connector And RCA RGBS connector on this booster.

Indeed, you can easily spot if you are in correct switch setting or not. The reason is because you will find your screen will be too bright / dark by toggle to the wrong setting

(Some buyers report this adapter does NOT work with framemeister)

You can get the MD2 RGB cable for use on this Booster

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