SD2SNES ver.F to ver.H Mod Board


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It is use for SD2SNES version F board. Use it to upgrade your SD2SNES to version H. This board original made by Borti4938.

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There are a few differences in the audio circuit of the SD2SNES revisions:

SD2SNES PCB Revisions A-F have slightly lower audio output.
SD2SNES PCB Revision G was a quick fix for this, boosting MSU-1 audio to the correct levels but introducing some noise.
SD2SNES PCB Revision H (and newer) adds an audio opamp forever fixing MSU-1 audio functionality.

This mod replaces the passive filter between the DAC and the SNES' analog mixer with with the better circuit from the Rev. H (and newer) that includes a unity gain opamp in order to fix the impedance mismatch that caused muffled and quiet audio in older revisions. Basically, it's more of a "fix" then an "upgrade", meant to eliminate the need for boosted audio files (clipping), firmware audio boost in the menu (clipping), and the Rev. G 5V mod (distortion). This finally standardizes the correct MSU-1 audio levels between real hardware and emulators.

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