SFC/SNES joypad controller to Amiga CD32 controller IC chip


You can use this IC chip to turn SFC/SNES controller to Amiga CD32 controller. Mapping is same as CD32 one. "Select" button no use. It is because original CD32 controller don't have "Select" button. You need to swap the buttons, so same as CD32 one. When you swap the buttons, you need to use cutter to cut a bit the buttons plastic. If not, it can not fit.

Take care :
1) SFC joypad have a IC inside, you need to give it +5V and GND too.
2) Each SFC joypad button have two connections, one is GND and one is button.
    You need to connect buttons to CD32 IC chip. You can connect to the IC inside
    SFC joypad. 
It is easier.

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